Nowadays it seems that our smartphones can do just about anything for us. Order lunch? Check. Add an event to the calendar? Check. Wake you up in the morning? Check.

It is a wonder how we ever lived our lives before the existence of such technology. Not only are we able to have access to unlimited amounts of information right at our fingertips, we are able to utilize our smartphones in a way that didn’t seem possible 10 years ago. 

Many women now utilize a collection of apps to keep track of their health. The most popular type of app being a period tracker. But did you know that there are also apps catered to ovulation tracking, pregnancy and postpartum health too?

Below we have highlighted our favorite FREE apps in relation to women’s reproductive health:

Ovia: Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator 


This app is designed to help women track their cycles to pinpoint when they’re ovulating. This helps determine when women are most fertile. The app provides users with a daily fertility score on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, indicating that you are the most fertile. According to the app’s description, it is the #1 most accurate fertility tracker and has helped users conceive up to 3x faster when using this app! The ratings seem to prove this statement is true with a 5-star rating in the Apple Store and a 4.8-star rating in the Google Play Store

Period Tracker: Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker 

period tracker.png

Period Tracker is a great app for tracking your period and ovulation cycles. It also has a built in “pill reminder” so that users never forget to take birth control or any other medications. The app records the days of your period but also your moods and overall feelings. The longer you use it, the more accurate it becomes at predicting your cycle. Period Tracker is highly rated with a 5-star rating in the Apple Store and a 4.8-star rating in the Google Play Store


babycenter: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App 

baby center.png

The infamous “your baby is the size of a ____” app! BabyCenter is wonderful for expecting parents because it allows mothers to track their pregnancy and provides helpful tips depending upon what stage the pregnancy is in. It has many cool additional features such as: baby names finder, baby kick counter, contraction timer, and even a birth plan checklist! The BEST thing about this app would be the fact that after you have finished your pregnancy, the app automatically turns into a daily parenting guide that provides you with tools to help guide you through your first year as a parent. Again, this is another highly rated app with a 5-star rating in the Apple store and a 4.7-star rating in the Google Play Store

When it comes down to tracking your reproductive health, not every method is 100% accurate. But it does help women to have a general idea of what is going on inside your body, especially if you are trying to conceive. 


When coupling the use of a tracking app with a healthy diet, exercise and holistic health practices such as acupuncture, you will set your body (and baby) up for success!

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