Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. From cleaning up spills and changing diapers, to staying up all night to protect your child from the ‘monsters’ that hide under their bed...being a parent is surely exhausting! While we love our little ones, this exhaustion can build up and lead to unfavorable symptoms.

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The thought of taking time for yourself makes many women feel guilty, as it would mean spending time away your family. But it IS okay to do so from time to time! We all need a bit of relaxation, millions of other moms can relate. It is totally normal to experience “mom guilt” as Mandy Tadych explains in a blog post titled “Acupuncture Helped Treat My “Mom Guilt.” 

In this post Mandy explains that she ended up developing a severe case of anxiety and let her “mom guilt” consume her. She tried other natural relaxation methods such as yoga and massage therapy but none of them seemed to work for her. That is when she turned to acupuncture. Mandy finally found relief and understood the importance of taking time for herself.

Acupuncture has many great health benefits from improving circulation to managing chronic pain and everything in between. Still not convinced? Check out these Seven Ways Acupuncture Can Help Mothers.

Now we get to the BIG QUESTION: Is stress negatively impacting your body and leaving you with migraines, fatigue, pain....? 

Raising a family is a big responsibility and your personal needs may suffer. Don't settle for daily headaches and pains. Give yourself the gift of peace and walk away with the benefits of relief. Enjoy your 90 minute acupuncture session at Acupuncture Wellness and Fertility Clinic for only $75 - that’s a $35 savings! This is a special "Back-to-School" deal for moms.

Take some time for you, mom, you deserve it!

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