Spring re-awakens nature as the rainy days give birth to fresh green grass, budding flowers, and a rise in the pollen counts. Most seasonal allergy patients start experiencing a physical response to the abundant histamines. Are you suffering from an awful runny nose, itchy and scratchy eyes, headaches, dry cough or fatigue?

Typically, patients look to Western medicine’s prescribed or over the counter medicines such as antihistamines to alleviate their symptoms. If successful, the relief is often temporary; however often the symptoms persist or get worse.

Over the last decade, more information has been released that acupuncture is an effective tool for airborne as well as inhaled chemical allergies. Acupuncture brings the body back into balance so not only are the symptoms controlled but patients are actually successful at eliminating future allergy attacks.

How does Acupuncture Work:

We experience most allergy symptoms above the neck, in our heads. Chinese healers know that the energy channels are blocked. All the yang meridians flow from the hands up to the head or from the head down to the feet. We need to open the channels in the neck and shoulders and allow the energy to flow. Acupuncture needles inserted along the meridians facilitate healthy flow of blood and oxygen to encourage healing.

Acupuncture Wellness and Fertility Clinic uses traditional Chinese acupuncture as well as other advanced styles of needling, such as Balance Method and Distal Style. The beauty of acupuncture is that as a result of inserting a needle, nerves are stimulated which sends messages to the brain. These messages signal the brain to release pain killers and other chemicals conducive to healing the "sick area".

Acupuncturists treat very specifically and individually, making sure the underlying cause of allergies (and any other symptoms) are cleared. When the body is in balance, symptoms disappear and health is restored.

Our goal at AWF Clinic is to promote your body’s own natural healing pharmacy so you may continue to strive toward health and wellness. Self-care and healing opens our awareness and gives us the strength to overcome any physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges. Let us help guide you to a more peaceful and joyful Life.

Relief from allergies starts today! Acupuncture removes your debilitating allergy symptoms and actually increases your energy. Let’s get living.