Fertility Acupuncture has attracted more and more couples each year to address their fertility struggles. While it used to be thought that women were to be blamed for fertility issues, men now are understood to be 40-60% of the reproductive equation.

Acupuncture has been increasingly more and more successful in treating erectile dysfunction. While ED is very stressful for men and their significant others, couples trying to become pregnant are significantly challenged.

Sperm count, production, and quality have declined by half over the last 50 years, resulting in a huge percentage of infertile men worldwide. Modern day issues such as stress, excessive workload, lack of sleep and exercise, environmental toxins and consuming nutrient depleted foods can all negatively affect sperm health. Fortunately, there are several things men can do to improve erectile dysfunction and support male fertility, and acupuncture is the golden ticket.

As reported by Resolve, the National Infertility and Awareness Association,  research has shown that acupuncture can positively impact sperm quality, quantity, motility, and reduce structural defects. Acupuncture has the ability to eliminate erectile dysfunctions, dissolve blockages, and balance hormone levels to boost a man’s ability to produce offspring.

Complementary to the acupuncture sessions, suggestions will be shared for lifestyle changes, exercise programs, herbal supplements, meditation practice, and dietary modifications to support the body’s overall health and healing.  The suggested minimum treatment timeline is weekly sessions for 3 months. However, improvement in quality and quantity are often quite noticeable within seven weeks.

Acupuncture Increases Male Fertility within 3 Months!

Our goal at Acupuncture Wellness and Fertility Clinic is to help men as well as women feel welcome and safe in our healing space. We are here to support and individualize your care whether focused on erectile dysfunction issues or fertility challenges. Whether trying to conceive naturally or use Assisted Reproductive Technologies like IVF or IUI, the stress and financial burden can become isolating and overwhelming.

Imagine no more shame, frustration, embarrassment and stress! Try acupuncture and watch your sperm vitality return to help improve intimate relationships and produce offspring.