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I’m sure by now if you’ve been on the fertility journey you have heard all about egg quality.  It is one of the main stars of the fertility show for very good reasons beyond the fact that the egg is the better half of the most handsome sperm of the bunch.  Egg health is so vital since eggs age at a faster rate than the rest of the reproductive system. Also, the mitochondria of the eggs, which act like little batteries, are solely responsible for energy production immediately after fertilization.  They are so important that I was even invited to an egg freezing party hosted by Vios Fertility Institute! Many women are starting families later due to careers or simply not meeting “the one” according to our reproductive clock and in some instances women are faced with challenging health circumstances that can threaten reproductive health at an early age.  Egg freezing (a.k.a. cryopreservation) is an amazing option in many of these circumstances, especially while our eggs are still viable.  Vios offers extremely reasonable testing to determine the status of your egg health and has their own cutting edge center for egg freezing.   If you are interested in learning more about egg freezing from a personal perspective as well as learning about the latest technology the website Eggsperience is a great resource.
Don’t forget, the quality of the eggs are of the greatest importance. While we are born with a fixed amount of eggs and can’t influence our numbers, we can influence quality.  As the saying goes, “it only takes one good egg and one good sperm”.  190 days before an egg is recruited for ovulation it is influenced by its environment, with the last 90 days being the period where we can have the most direct impact.  It is important to always take the importance of overall optimal health into account although the focus may be reproductive in nature.
Acupuncture’s ability to increase blood and oxygen to targeted areas, as well as positively influence hormones, is well researched at this point.   Ensuring a highly oxygenated environment with optimal blood flow to the reproductive system, in addition to regulating hormones, results in a healthy environment for egg development. Cumulative sessions are needed to really influence egg health and practical concerns must be taken into consideration, such as the amount of time a patient has and their age.  I have witnessed measurable improvements on lab values and imaging with the addition of acupuncture on many occasions. This is especially evident when patients go through an additional IVF cycle where acupuncture is added resulting in more viable eggs and embryos with better lab values all around.  Patients are usually aware of this shift by the improvements they feel in their overall health from receiving regular acupuncture treatments. Additionally, there are well researched supplements and lifestyle factors that can also play a crucial role on the road to better egg quality. A comprehensive approach is always best!

If you are interested in optimizing your fertility potential & overall health, naturally or with the addition of ART (assisted reproductive technology), please contact Acupuncture Wellness & Fertility Clinic to answer any questions and discuss a treatment plan designed for your individual needs.