The thought of being able to have children of your own often comes as one of great joy. Many couples are eager to start a family and want to quickly become pregnant. For some, this comes easy and for others, not so much. After quite some time of not being able to conceive, it is common for couples to feel sad and alone. Realistically, you are not as alone as you think you are.

One in ten couples struggle with fertility. This means that while there is a large percentage of couples that can begin a new family with minimal difficulty, there is also a significant number of couples that struggle to get pregnant. The first step in helping cope with your infertility is to know that you are not alone and that there are many resources that can assist you during this difficult time.


You should start off by developing a strong support system. Having your closest friends and family by your side during your fertility journey can help ease the pain. Be open with them about how you would like them to support you. Everybody handles situations like this differently, so it is important that you get your support system on the same page. Whether you tell them things you do not want them to say or you let them know that you want them to ask questions and offer a helping hand when needed. Always remind them that you are comfortable with their curiosity and willingness to help you, if you are, of course.

Should having a support system made up of those closest to you not be something you are open to, that is okay. There are many other things you can do to cope with the emotions you are experiencing. You can begin a new hobby such as crafting or gardening, plan fun things to do with your significant other and even seek professional help from a therapist or psychologist.

No matter what you choose, always remember that life's greatest journeys are never easy...but they're always worth it!